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7 Tasks a General Virtual Assistant Can Do To Help Your Business Grow to The Next Level post-thumb

In this article, we’re going to learn about general virtual assistants. They are also referred to as the Office Admins or Admin Virtual Assistants. Let’s now jump into what exactly …

Tags: Admin Support , Customer Service , Data Entry , Personal Assistant , Virtual Assistant

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The Easiest Way to Transition into Working From Home post-thumb

Challenges always require us to adjust for our survival and that’s exactly the place where the COVID-19 pandemic threw all of us. As a company specialized in remote working, we …

Tags: Customer Service , Online Business , Remote Working , Work From Home

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What is a Version Control System? post-thumb

This question goes along with the question about what is Github. Unfortunately, the question about what is Github is answered by saying that it is a version control system. Then, what is a …

Tags: code repository , Coding , Git , Github , version control

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Ideas to Insanely Supercharge Your Customer Service post-thumb

The 21st-century businesses are struggling in keeping pace with rapid changes in customer demands, competition, and market orientations. It's an era of disruptive technology and business transformation where companies that …

Tags: Business , Customer Service , Digital Marketing , Online Business

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