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Refund Policy

Welcome to CannyVA Refund Policy

(1.0) CannyVA Philosophy

  1. The CannyVA mission is to provide businesses with solutions that help them reach their dreams. We put customers at the core of our business operations we prefer keeping it like that. That how we do it because that’s our way.

(2.0) Definition, Purpose of this Policy

  1. The role of this privacy policy is to provide information regarding how we collect, process, and use your personal data within our site.
  2. This website is only intended for people above 18 years of age. By continuing to use the site, you agree that you are above 18 years of age.
  3. You are advised to read our privacy policy with consideration of fair processing requirements that may be provided to the user during specific times or occasions we’d be collecting or processing your data.

(3.0) Contact Details

  1. Our website at will be operated by Canny Virtual Assistant, a company under the laws of Kenya. Our offices are at 14th Building, 14th Str Kasarani Nairobi Kenya.
  2. Issues with our website should be referred to Canny Virtual Assistant Policy Management Team (CVAPMT) at
  3. Users have the right to make complaints to the Data Protection Commissioner as per the terms of our use.

(4.0) Data Controllers

  1. Canny Virtual Assistant is the controller of your personal data.
  2. The CVAPMT is responsible for overseeing all matters relating to privacy policies.

(5.0) Changes in Policy

  1. All changes in the policy are subject to our discretion as stated in our terms and conditions. All principles in terms of conditions apply to this policy as well.
  2. Due to the importance of holding correct data, users have the right to request changes in the personal data that we hold about them.

(6.0) Third-Party Links and Sites

  1. All guidelines are covered under the terms and conditions.

(7.0) Social Media Platforms

  1. Any engagement, communication, and actions that will happen on any of the social media platforms operated by CannVA would be subject to the policies of that platform.
  2. Where the rules in those platforms allow CannyVA to take some actions, the same would be conducted per this policy and any of our other policies.
  3. We may post links to some of our content on social media platforms. Since these platforms sometimes shorten the URLs, it is upon the users to use their judgment before clicking such URLs.

(8.0) Data That We Collect

  1. We collect personal data to identify users. This only applies where there is a user identity.
  2. We may collect some personal data per Kenyan laws or where compliance with law requires the collection of such data.
  3. Where required, we may collect, store your data or transfer it in relation to the following groupings:
  4. Identity information such as name, marital status, job title, gender and date of birth;
  5. Contact details including billing address, home, email, and telephone number;
  6. Financial Data such as bank or accounts;
  7. Background Data such as employee resume information;
  8. Transaction information such as payment records in our transactions;

(9.0) Why We Collect Data

  1. For our interaction with you;
  2. For the formation and execution of contracts with you;
  3. For communication with you regarding the products that we have;
  4. For processing your applications to join us as a VA or a Partner;
  5. When sending you the information you have requested from us;
  6. When offering products to you such as creating your website;
  7. When sending you surveys or promotions. When giving us complaints or feedbacks;
  8. The technical data we collect when you are using our website helps us provide you with good experience;

(10.0) How We Collect Data

  1. We only use or share your data when the law requires it.
  2. In some circumstances and without any consent, we may use your data
  1. Where the use helps us perform execute your contract.
  2. Where the use is for your benefit;
  3. When communicating with you about our products and services;
  4. Where necessary, we may use your data for our legitimate interests such as when seeking services from third parties and their; interaction with us does not override your fundamental rights;
  5. We may use or share your data if that is required by the law;
  6. When processing additional services to you;

(11.0) Marketing

  1. We may use some technical usage data to send communications with you on information that we believe will interest you.
  2. This will also apply to the email newsletters.

(12.0)Opt-in and Opt-Out

  1. We will request your consent when there is a need to share some personal data with our marketing companies.
  2. We will always provide you with an option to opt-out whenever we send you a marketing email.
  3. You can also expressly ask our third parties to stop sending you their promotional emails.

(13.0) Data Security and Retention

  1. We have taken appropriate security approaches that ensure the protection of your personal data from being accessed, lost, changed or disclosed to unauthorized users.
  2. We also limit access to personal data to only internal employees, contractors, agents, and third parties for the purpose of business needs. All of these persons must sign a confidential agreement before accessing your personal data.
  3. All our VA have to sign a non-disclosure agreement before beginning your job.
  4. At the end of the agreement, the VA must undergo a Sign-Out process that ensures that they have cleared all your data from their machines.
  5. We will retain and maintain your personal data as long as required for the sake of provision and improvement of our services.
  6. Determination of the length of retention is determined by the sensitivity of the data, its amount, and the potential of harm.
  7. Where there is a reasonable cause to believe that your data is at risk, you may request us to delete it.
  8. We use the Industrial Standard 128-bit encryption when sharing information or offering secure transactions on our website.

(14.0) Your Legal Rights

  1. All fundamental rights regarding personal data and information are preserved and should not be violated;
  2. Government laws and provision of rights apply to our use of personal data;
  3. i. You have the right to request access to your personal data;

    ii. You have the right to the correction of your personal data. We may need to verify the accuracy of the information that you want to add or remove;

    iii. You have the right to request us to remove all your information. Please note that we may not be legally allowed to remove some data if there are some other legal requirements that you need to meet or if erasure will compromise the government law or ongoing investigation;

    iv. You have the right to object the way we process or use your data. In some circumstances, we will have to demonstrate where there is a compelling reason to process it;

    v. You have the right to request a restriction on some of the uses of your data. Is some circumstances, we will have to demonstrate where there is a compelling reason to process it;

    vi. You have the right to request the transfer of your data to you or third parties. This will mainly apply to electronic information;

    vii. You have the right to withdraw any consent you could have given regarding the processing your data;

  4. In any of these processes, you will be required to pay a fee while exercising any of the provided rights. This is to ensure that we cover the charges, fees, and costs that we may undergo while fulfilling such rights. However, we will always try to make the fees reasonable. Alternatively, we may object to your request if you do not pay the required fees.
  5. We will request confirmation of identity when any of the rights are exercised.
  6. All requests would be processed within 90 days from the date they were requested. Occasionally, some requests may take longer to fulfill depending on their complexity or any other circumstances. In such cases, we will always notify you.
  7. For privacy reasons, we advise our clients to avoid the use of devices related to companies that have been banned by the U.S and/or those that do not conform with international regulations.
  8. It is a requirement that all virtual assistant avoid devices that have been banned from use in the U.S and or internationally due to issues of privacy and data.
  9. Questions regarding privacy policy should be forwarded to

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