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Refund Policy

Welcome to CannyVA Refund Policy

(1.0) CannyVA Philosophy

  1. The CannyVA mission is to provide businesses with solutions that help them reach their dreams. We put customers at the core of our business operations we prefer keeping it like that. That's how we do it because that’s our way.

(2.0) Refund Guiding Principle

  1. The guiding principle behind this policy is that customers should be offered an easier way to get out just as it was easy to get in.
  2. These principles shall govern any refund on your membership fees in your relationship with CannyVA.
  3. Whereas this policy applies to all projects, there may be sometimes some projects that would be governed by contracts that are very specific to them. If no rules on the refund regarding those contracts, the principles of this policy shall apply.
  4. Weeks begin on Monday and end on Friday.
  5. Clients can call or send an email to

(3.0) Billing

  1. CannyVA will bill all customers at the purchase of their package. Packages will need to be renewed should all their hours are exhausted. For instance, if you purchase 10hr/month but you specifically need the project to be completed in a week, the exhaustion of the 10 hours shall be deemed as the end of the duration of the package.

(4.0) Pay as you Go (PAYG)

  1. All PAYG shall be governed by the agreement entered at the time of the negotiation.
  2. Contracts exceeding Two weeks completion time can be subdivided into completion schedules.
  3. The client can choose to pay the large sum of the entire project or pay per schedule.
  4. Payments of either of the options would be made before the commencement date.

(5.0) Upgrades and Downgrades

  1. Clients can upgrade to higher packages depending on the demands of their business.
  2. Downgrading will need to be communicated before the Wednesday of the week but will only apply to any work done from the beginning of the following week.
  3. There will be no downgrades for one-time projects.

(6.0) Cancellations

  1. Clients can cancel whenever they want but they must provide a 1-week notice.
  2. Cancellations should be communicated before Wednesday of every week and shall be effective at the end of the same week.
  3. Cancellation of PAYG can be made on all the remaining work and will apply at the end of 24 hrs from the time of cancellation.
  4. CannyVA will take every reasonable effort to deliver high-quality work. However, should any VA provide unsatisfactory work, we do not have any limitation upon when the client can raise a claim. Therefore, claims can be raised as soon as they occur but not later than 7 days.
  5. Upon sending the claim, we will get back to you within 6 hours.

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