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The Bright Feature

The right way to simplify your tasks and get more time for each of them.

Product Documentations

Work with experts in authoring, managing, translating and publishing your documentation.

Structured Authoring

We're experts in XML, Dockbooks, and XSLT. We focus on ensuring quality structuring, and consistency.

Version Management

By partnering with top organization for authoring tools, we are able to manage your content, ensure smooth versioning, branching, publishing, and much more.

Document Translation

While automated translation is still effective at some sense, we still engage our translation team for proofreading. We can translate your documentation to over 10 languages.

Document Integrations

Wen ensure that your documentation is ready to directly intergrate with different platforms such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Amazon S3, Freshdesk, and many more.

Content Reuse

Ensure consistency of your documentation by re-using similar content instead of recreating it. With smart reuse, you can release takes less time.

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