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(1.0) CannyVA Philosophy

  1. The CannyVA mission is to provide businesses with solutions that help them reach their dreams. We put customers at the core of our business operations we prefer keeping it like that. That how we do it because that’s our way.
  2. If by any chance you are here to read about our privacy policy, please visit the CannyVa Privacy policy in this link.
  3. If by any chance you are here to read about our Refund policy, please visit the CannyVa Refund Privacy policy in this link.

(2.0) Definition, Notice, and Interpretations

  1. This page contains Canny Virtual Assistant’s terms and conditions hereinafter TAC.
  2. We have used terms like “Canny Virtual Assistant”, “CannyVA”, “US”, “Website”, “Web Site”, “Site”, “OUR”, or “WE” to generally refer to Canny Virtual Assistant. We intend these terms to mean like that whenever they are used on the website.
  3. We intend the terms “Material” or “Materials” as used in our website to mean information, documents, contents, our Services, images, creation, designs, logos, layouts, graphics, pictures, audio files, video files, or anything that falls within the definition of intellectual property as applicable in the law.
  4. The TAC would be managed by Canny Virtual Assistant Policy Management Team (CVAPMT).
  5. The TAC would govern all uses to our website which is located on the domain and shall include all blogs and subdomains that are the contain or end with
  6. Continued use of this site means that you agree and consent to comply with each and all the provisions contained in the TAC and agree to be bound by them.
  7. Subject to provision 2.6 above, you are NOT supposed to use this site, content, information, materials, or part of the content, information, or site if you do not agree with that provision.
  8. The CVAPMT reserves the right to update and conduct any other revision that would be required in the TAC and it would do it under its discretion.
  9. CVAPMT shall post a notice of the change on the website in case of any revision or update per TAC.
  10. Once changes have been posted per this TAC, users have the responsibility to read and seek clarification when they may not understand.
  11. Continued use of this site after a notice of change has been issued would mean that the user has accepted the newly updated TAC as per para 2.6 and 2.7.
  12. Once a violation of this TAC occurs, we may without any limitation deny access or permanently ban the user who would be under the violation from using, viewing, accessing, or browsing our site.
  13. To some extent and where required, we will initiate court proceedings against the violation.
  14. This principle shall govern any refund on your membership fees in your relationship with CannyVA.
  15. All other policies apply in conjunction with this TAC.
  16. Where there is a contradiction between any other policy and a term stated here, the provisions of this TAC shall prevail.

(3.0) Privacy Policy

  1. Any use of this website or its content shall be governed by our Privacy Policy which is located at Privacy Policy.

(4.0) Any issue relating to refunds shall be governed by the Refund Policy.

  1. Canny Virtual Assistant is the controller of your personal data.
  2. The CVAPMT is responsible for overseeing all matters relating to privacy policies.

(5.0) Changes in Policy

  1. All materials in this site will collectively be owned and licensed to CannyVA, and all the copyrights and/or trademarks would be under the ownership of CannyVA.
  2. We specifically forbid any use of robots, crawlers, scrapers, or any automation on our website. Users should request information either from CVAPMT or our API.
  3. The use of any automation mentioned in 5.2 above constitutes a violation of our TAC.
  4. Reproduction or use of any material shall be prohibited unless per express authorization provided by CVAPMT.
  5. Subject to any authorization granted in para 5.3 above, the use or reproduction would be governed by the rules within the authorization, and CannyVA will reserve all the rights to terminate the authorization at its discretion and without notice in case of a breach.

(6.0) Content and Materials from Third Parties

  1. Third-party materials and content shall be governed by the rules stated under ‘General Use’ or 5.0 above.
  2. This TAC prohibits downloading, reproduction, modification, caching, displaying, editing, altering, or enhancing any of our third-party materials unless with express authorization from CVAPMT.
(7.0) Third-Party Links and Sites
  1. Our website may use or be linked to third party websites. Where you navigate to those sites, our TAC will no longer apply in those sites and we would not be liable for any violation or responsible for any action that may happen in those sites.
(8.0) Disclaimer
  1. The information provided in this Site does not hold any warrant. CannyVA prohibits any interpretations of it or materials as is to constitute an express or implied warranty. CannyVA provides no warrant that information or materials in this site will be free of errors or would be interpreted to be free of errors, defects, internet viruses, server downtimes, or other harmful events.
  2. All materials and information provided in our site does not constitute any contractual intention and should not be interpreted to have any other intention apart from informational purposes.
  3. CannyVA shall have no responsibility for damages resulting from the user due to a lack of completeness or accuracy of any of the materials. You as a user will have all the responsibilities of proofreading and checking for the accuracy or completeness of the information.
  4. In case of a disastrous event, CannyVA will engage its contingency response team to restore the services.
  5. While CannyVA will take all reasonable steps in ensuring that the information that we have provided is safe, free from viruses, accurate and complete, users should take necessary and reasonable actions to scan and verify that the information is free from viruses or errors.
  6. CannyVA, its affiliates or related third parties will have no responsibility and will have no liability to any entity, person or persons for any damages or losses incurred, claims, liability or any other causes that would result from the use of any opinions or information provided by us in this Site.
  7. Subject to this TAC and para 8.6 above, the provision includes all forms of liabilities explained in that section without any limitation and includes all damages either punitive, consequential, actual, or otherwise.
  8. No video, audio, image, or any representation will hold any liabilities for CannyVA either for direct or indirect loss, incidental, special or consequential damages, and without any limitation.
  9. Canny will not be liable for any loss of data, information, software, or other materials whether they cause any direct or indirect loss, incidental, special or consequential damages, and without any limitation.
  10. CannyVA shall be operated, controlled, and managed by CVAPMT from our headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. We make no representation or warranty that our materials or website is appropriate or would be available to users from every location. However, we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the content is appropriate and the site remains online and available to all locations.
  11. Users should know that they choose to browse or use this site from their locations in their discretion and initiative. Therefore, CannyVA will never be responsible whatsoever for the users’ non-compliance with their local laws.
  12. All policies, agreements, contracts, and standards set in this Site shall be governed by, construed, and enforced per the laws of the Republic of Kenya. In case of any dispute that would arise in the use of this site, all such disputes will exclusively be filed per the laws and jurisdiction of the Courts of Kenya. If any provision of this TAC or our agreements becomes unlawful, unenforceable, or void per the laws of Kenya, such provision will be deemed as not to apply to the extent of contradiction with the Kenyan Laws.
  13. Save for the provision in para 8.12 above, all disputes should first be held by Canny Dispute Resolution Center (EDRC) at
  14. Any dispute or claim relating to any use of CannyVA services will be resolved through a binding arbitration but not in Court. However, the arbitration party would allow claims to proceed to court if they qualify. The Kenya Arbitration Act will apply to all agreements and contracts made with CannyVA. The arbitrator will only be done on an individual basis and not as a collection or representation.
  15. Questions, comments or complaints regarding this TAC should be forwarded to

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